Choose Destiny: Health and Happiness come from Harmony with Natural Laws
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Department of Nutrition
Cornell University
Ithaca, New York

"Every modern specialist in nutrition whose life is dedicated to human welfare must be impressed in four respects by the writings and leadership of Ellen G.White.

"In the first place, her basic concepts about the relation between diet an health have been verified to an unusual degree by scientific advances of the past decades...

"In the second place, everyone who attempts to teach nutrition can hardly conceive of a leadership such as that of Mrs. White that was able to induce a substantial number of people to improve their diets.

"In the third place, one can only speculate about the large number sufferers during the past century which could have had improved health if they had only accepted the teachings of Mrs.White.

"Finally, one can wonder how to make her teachings more widely known to benefit the overcrowded earth that seems inevitable tomorrow unless the present rate of increase of the world’s population is decreased. "In spite of the fact that the works of Mrs. White were written long before the advent of modern scientific nutrition, no better overall guide is available today."

Clive McCay, Ph.D.
Professor of Nutrition
Cornell University

Dr. Agatha Thrash

Dr. Agatha Thrash was a pathologist and her husband specialized in internal medicine.
They were graduates of Emory University and atheists when they came across a book,
The Ministry of Healing. They were deeply moved by its broad and elevating concepts. Their world view, their philsophy of life, even their practice of medicine changed and they gave their lives to helping others to better health and happiness with the concepts they learned in that classic book of biblical wisdom.

They established Uchee Pines Institute where people could go as an alternative to hospitals  for health and education on nutrition. Dr. Thrash referred to The Ministy of Healing as "the best book ever written."

On the topics of health and happiness, I agree with Dr. Thrash!  The Ministry of Healing has a broader picture of how to live life well than any other book I have found. It has affected my life and practice of medicine, helping me to see prescription drugs as a leading cause of illness and death .

That's one of many examples. The author's comment in 1864 of tobacco as a "malignant poison" was 100 years before the Surgeon General connected malignant tumors with tobacco in 1964.

Let the reader be the judge--the book contains statements on the cause of cancer and other diseases in our society that only now are being substantiated by medical science.

It has a broad, elevating philosophy of life with chapters on the home and family that are loved."Life is too short to read good books--there is only time for the best," and this book qualifies! You will value it above so many others. 224 well-illustrated pages for $4.95 plus two bonuses ...

  • A link to a natural remedies encyclopedia online with information for hundreds of conditions, in case you have a problem not helped by The Minisry of Healing. The encyclopedia sells for $60, so this is a valuable resource.
  • The Alpha & Omega Bible Code   is my ebook that blends current events with Bible prophecy and a look for what's coming soon!  It has mostly 5-star reviews on Amazon and it offers insight on Christ's wedding parables that include His offer to make us "ruler over all that He has" if we meet the conditions that most people have never considered in Luke 12:35-44.  This is a better destiny thas most Christians have considered -- free as a bonus.


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Choose a Better Destiny!

Health is a by-product of harmony with the natural laws of the body. The two most important areas are nutrition (the book in the left column is excellent in that regard as is a DVD titled "Eating" and you can see 5 minutes of it at

The other most important area is that chemicals or drugs can make you sick and kill you. If you take a doctor's prescription, you owe it to yourself to visit which also has good information on vaccinations.

If you have a health condition or concern, you might find it listed with some natural remedies for common problems at  

Happiness is a by-product of harmony with biblical principles, but many people feed their minds junk--crime, sex, violence and fiction. A better destiny depends on wiser choices we can make.

Do you have family problems? " Keys to a Happy Marriage" by Doug Batchelor, TV's Amazing Facts speaker offers excellent insights at
  Page down 3-4 times, excellent resource

Are you an atheist? There are many scientists who believe the biblical account of creation. If you could know 1% of all knowledge, that would be amazing. And if we don't know 1%, perhaps God exists in the other 99% that we don't know! Please consider some reasons from science .

Are you Muslim? Many Muslims live better than many Christians, but there are also problems:
God will deal with this militancy. See left column of (Treating women as of equal value is Christian)  reveals Catholic origin, mentor of young Muhammed.

Are you Jewish? Rabbi Joe Kagan, a research consultant to Governor Reagan in the late 70's was especially fond of a book on Jewish history. Saying it was like the Mishnah, he was amazed the author had not studied Hebrew. Passover insight is an example, as explained on page 277--

God blessed Israel with freedom from bondage, a great law with principles of wisdom for every situation in life, and a great land. Sadly Israel became like the nations surrounding them like Christians are doing in the US now (so let's not blame Jewish people. Everyone is the sum total of the inputs they choose in life, just like our bodies are built from the food (or drugs and chemicals we swallow).

While God blessed Israel with the sacred writings that have a clear lesson, there is also much truth that we would find if we search it out. Here are a few examples.

#1. God said, "Le us make man in our image." Gen 1;26. "Us implies more than one, even as the Hebrew word, elohim, is the plural form of God. Jewish people cite the shma which says the LORd is one, but the Hebrew word for one is echad, and it means a combined unity like the evening and morning combined to make one day, or a man cleaving to his wife to become one (echad).

#2. When Abraham was tested, he said, "God will provide himself a lamb..." Genesis 22:8. This theme is the focus of Passover when a lamb was sacrificed as israel prayed God would pass over them in judgment. The prophet Isaiah understood this when he gave the picture of a lamb, "wounded for our transgressions...bruised for our iniquities...all we like sheep have gone astray...and the LORD has laid on him the iniquity of us all." Isaiah 53:5,6.

#3. The prophet Daniel gave the timing in 70 weeks of years from Artaxerxes' decree to let Israel return and build Jerusalem. From 457 BC to 27 AD (no year "0") was 69 weeks to Messiah ("anointed One") but when the "Lamb of God" was introduced by a Jewish prophet, he was not accepted by religious leaders. Fearing a loss of control, they crucified him with prophetic timing as the Lamb on Passover, hurrying home so they would not be defiled for keeping their meaningless ritual and not seeing its fulfillment that day.

#4. Yeshuah's disciples (Hebrew name of Messiah) were afraind for their lives. They forsook Christ and fled. But they were transformed into men who died for their faith because they had seen their rison Lord. How would we ever believe they could steal the body from a Roman guard that faced death for sleeping on duty?

#5. Yeshua loved his people and his warning to flee spared the Christians who fled before the siege by Titus in 70 AD. But his signs could have meaning for Jerusalem again as we see signs like Joel 2:31 and ohers pointing to 2016 for judgment, first on Jerusalem and then on America.

Are you a Christian believing in a rapture? Here are several points that we would welcome your response to... Insights on the Rapture


Are you Catholic, believing in good works, the sanctity of life and a traditional marriage? There are many fine Catholic Christians, but the church has not done much to help them understand Bible teachings. For a better understanding of church history and how it is fulfilling prophecy, please visit 

This book is substantiated by the testimony of a converted Jesuit priest who paid the ultimate price. You may read his info online at 

Worried the way the world is going? Matthew 24 is about the signs we see fulfilling as foretold. It's a non-denominational commentary rich with insight,

Guilty about something? Mental hospitals are filled with people who are burdened with guilt, but there's a better way to deal with guilt than tranquilizers and anti-depressant drugs. You can give your guilt away. Please read

America in Prophecy! Well-documented presentation by Amazing Facts' Doug Batchelor showing the slide of US into an image of the papacy in Revelation 13, 

History and Prophecy

The Bible is the most ancient and the most comprehensive history that men possess. It came fresh from the fountain of eternal truth, and throughout the ages a divine hand has preserved its purity. It lights up the far-distant past, where human research in vain seeks to penetrate. In God’s word only do we behold the power that laid the foundations of the earth and that stretched out the heavens. Here only do we find an authentic account of the origin of nations. Here only is given a history of our race unsullied by human pride or prejudice.

In the annals of human history the growth of nations, the rise and fall of empires, appear as dependent on the will and prowess of man. The shaping of events seems to a great degree, to be determined by his power, ambition, or caprice. But in the Word of God the curtain is drawn aside, and we behold, behind, above, and through all the play and counter-play of human interests and power and passions, the agencies of the all-merciful One, silently, patiently working out the counsels of His own will.

God has revealed in His law the principles that underlie all true prosperity both of nations and of individuals.

"This is your wisdom and your understanding," Moses declared to the Israelites of the law of God. "It is not a vain thing for you; because it is your life." Deuteronomy 4:6; 32:47. The blessings thus assured to Israel are, on the same conditions and in the same degree, assured to every nation and every individual under the broad heavens.

Solomon said, "Rightousness exalts a nation." This means that unrighteousness will abase us.  When we kick God out of classrooms or courtrooms, making murder of the unborn ok, we should suspect that trouble is coming and a time of judgment foretold in the Bible. The offer in the left column is a great first step towards preparation for what's impending.

Philosophy 101: 20 Questions to Ask Your Evolution Professor Who Can't Explain Intelligent Design

1. How did we get such nicely rounded spheres from a Big Bang that should have given jagged rocks?

2. How did all the planets come into orbit after such an explosion?

3. Why do the planets vary in distance from the sun so greatly, and still stay in orbit?

4. With more than 100 moons for the planets (Jupiter having 63), how did they come to orbit planets if they didn't explode from them, and what evidence would we have that our moon exploded from earth, or where did it come from? Can we see significance to its orbit giving us our months?

5. Isn't it strange that these huge heavenly bodies don't collide, and that we can set our time by them?

6. How did earth develop its rotation so that we have day and night, and don't fry on one side or freeze on the other?

7. Was it just chance that earth has all the ingredients necessary for life?

8. If we exploded off the sun, where did we get our atmosphere that was needed to support life?

9. How would an explosion from the sun give us all the elements we see on the atomic chart?

10. What would be the mathematical probability of an explosion in a junk yard giving us a jumbo jet? (That would be far easier than an explosion giving us any form of life)

11. The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics says the energy systems tend to run down unless acted upon by an outside source. What is the Source that keeps our universe from becoming like a city dump?

12. Darwin assumed that future discoveries would reveal “missing links” in the evolutionary chain, but after 150 years, we are still waiting. Where are the missing links, or could Darwin have been wrong?

13. Living organisms have systems intricately complex and dependent on all parts to be functioning as a whole. Did they all evolve simultaneously?

14. Wouldn't primitive man have bled to death from a cut without the blood clotting mechanism with its cascade of reactions working from the beginning?

15. Did mammals all evolve into male and female simultaneously so that after billions of years, they both arrived on the scene at the same time and could reproduce?

16. With water so essential to life, how did earth get its vast supply if we exploded off the sun?

17. With atomic nuclei having protons of positive charge, what keeps them from repelling each other?

18. Did everything in the universe come from nothing, or how did it all happen?

19. Comparing tiny atoms with our gigantic solar systems, each with orbiting electrons or planets, it is not difficult to see similarity or design. Dare we say Intelligent Design?

20. If we tore 100 pages out of a book and scrambled them, wouldn't the chance of our picking them up in order blind-folded be better than all of the above happening by chance?

If we consider the complexity of the human body, DNA or the development of eyesight that we don't even understand, shouldn't we be honest enough to ask ourselves, Who is the Designer?

Does it matter? Or dare we ask? Why do some “scientists” become irate when they can't answer simple questions? Why don't we just admit that evolution is theory that offers their view of some facts, while other scientists also have evidence for their view? A growing number of scientists have faith in the Designer of all that we can see, like the beauty of a sunset, or hear, like the song of a bird, or enjoy the food we eat. An award-winning website offering abundant scientific support for Creation is at Another website offering excellent support for instantaneous Creation is

A philosopher once said that religion is gratitude. Why not give it back to the Source and live like we appreciate what we've been given? The first page of the Bible helps us appreciate God as the Source, and He even invented sex! These are just a few starters for us to want to know Him better. And no, the #1 best-seller of all times is not fiction or myth--the greatest Person in history (His Story) that divided BC from AD also quoted from Genesis.

We have a far higher destiny than if we came from germs, mollusks and apes, but first we must endure the Fall of America...